Jan 27, 2021  
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spacer About ARES Oklahoma
This web site is dedicated to helping those in the ARES group in the Oklahoma section. It's first goal it to make it easy to drill down and find the information necessary to help others in times of disaster.

It has a secondary goal of helping organize both the individuals, and the contact information of those people and served agencies that are typically involved in helping with disasters/emergenices.

spacer Individual Credits
This web site is the work of a group of individuals across a couple of weeks in the summer of 2006.

  • Kevin Atnip (KD5WUP), the SEC at the time, provided the basic design idea.
  • Roland Stolfa (KC5UNL), of WebAmphibian.Com implemented it as a Microsoft Active Server Page (ASP classic) web site.
  • DNS holder Ralph Gandy (N0NOU) and his son Thomas Gandy graciously reconfigured their DNS settings to point to the new location.
  • Shon Beverage, of ProValue.Net, is providing the web hosting service for this web site.

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spacer Web Credits
This web site owes some of it's more useful features to services, graphics, etc. provided by other web sites. Namely:

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