Jun 18, 2018  
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spacer Oklahoma ARES Nets
70 Centimeter
SW OK ARESMonday 8:00pm444.650+ PL100Altus OK
2 Meter - DIGITAL
Section APRS Net1:00pm, 2nd Saturdays144.390Tulsa Digital Radio Club
Section VOIP NetMon 9:15 pmIRLP Node 9219,
Echolink Node 7203,
D-Star Reflector 52B
Tulsa Digital Radio Club
Section DMR NetMon 8:15 pmDMR Oklahoma
Talk Group
Tulsa Digital Radio Club
2 Meter
InsomniaNightly 10:30 pm147.075+ PL131.8Elmore OK
Muskogee ARC NetTuesday at 20:00146.745- PL88.5Muskogee
EARSMon 8:00 pm147.135+ PL100, 443.425+ PL100Edmond
NICUNetMon 8:00 pm147.060+ PL141.3Norman W5DNA Melody
WARSMon 8:00 pm147.140+ PL192.8 
EARC EnidMon 8:00 pm145.290- PL141.3WD5HUT Ron
Kay CountyMon 9:00 pm146.970-N5VEA Mick
ARES Kay County1st Mon 9:30 pm146.730- 
Radio Rose RocksTue 7:00 pm146.985- PL141.3KE5GRX Stephanie
W5PAA Swap NetTue 8:00 pm146.850- PL141.3KE5EQX Sean
ARES Cleveland CountyTue 8:00 pm147.060+ PL141.3WG5T Bill
Ada NetTuesday Nights 20:00/8:00PM local147.285+ Pl 114.8Chris KC5RPR net control. Non-ARES currently
PCARA Ada145.270- Pl 141.3Thursday Nights 20:00/8:00PM localJim K. KB9CFH start-up net control
OIDAR BlackwellTue 9:00 pm146.310-N5VEA
N5LEZ NetTue 9:00 pm147.120+ PL192.8 
ARES TulsaTue 9:00 pm146.880- PL88.5 
WheatstrawWed 9:00 pm146.010N1LPN Linda
W5HXL Memorial NetThu 7:00 pm147.105+ 146.985+ PL141.3 
DuncanThu 7:30 pm146.730-Chisholm Trail ARC (KF5ZCO)
Salvation Army/ARES OKCThu 7:30 pm146.820-WA6LBU Clay
SOARESS NetMon 8:00 pm146.970-Jerry KD5YPF
Ardmore EOC NetWed 9:30 am146.970-Renee KE5CUD
Tulsa ARCThu 8:00 pm145.110- PL88.5 443.850+ PL88.5 
Mayes County ARCThu 8:00 pm147.060+ PL88.5WX5MC
MORI Tech NetThu 8:30 pm146.850- PL141.3, 146.925- PL141.3, 146.670- PL141.3Jim Glover WB5UDE
SW OK SWOTThu 9:00 pm144.250 (USB)Lawton
SWOKARESThu 7:00 pm146.910, PL 173.8LFSARC
Eastern OK NetThu 8:00 pmWk 1-3 147.39 (noPL); Wk 4&5 443.850ZEC4 and ZEC5
K5DLE Memorial Elmering NetTues 7:00pm146.790-pl-100Net Manager W5KSU-Mike
W5HXL Memorial NetThurs 7:00pm146.790-pl00Net Manager WD5IDB-Howard
6 Meter
Ragchew NetTue & Fri 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm50.150 MHzN5VVV Steve
10 Meter
Fred's Memorial NetWed 8:00 pm28.446 MHz USBK5JVS Jack
30 Meter
ARTS CWSat-Sun 7:00 am10.120 MHz (CW)WB5NKD Pat
40 Meter
OTN Slow CWDaily 5:20 pm7120.65 KHz (CW)WB5NKC Arley
ARES OklahomaSun 2130z7260 KHz LSBKA7GLA John
ARTS CWMon-Fri 7:00 am7052 KHz (CW)WB5NKD Pat
75 Meter
OK Traffic & Weather NetMon-Sat 2300 UTC3900 KHz LSBKK5GY Aryln
OK Phone Emergency NetSun 8:00 am3903 KHz LSBKE5LTA
Oklahoma Salvation Army Group NetM-F mornings3903 KHz LSBKB5KKT Jack
QCWA Chapter 63Sun 8:00 am3855 KHz LSBW5FLO Norm
ARES HF NetSun 21:30Z7260KHz / 3900KHz alternate (3900 most often with the current propagation conditions)Oscar, WB5GCX
Sooner Traffic NetEvenings 5:30pm3845 KHz LSBWD5HUT Ron
OK/ARK Regional Net8:00am, 2nd Sat3903 KHz LSBNM5W Mark
QCWA Chapter 63Sunday 8:003855 KHz LSBK5DLE; W5HXL
QCWA Chapter 63 Early Bird NetSun 5:00-7:30am3.845 MhzNCS K5MRK-Mark N5KNU-Jerry
W5AS Memorial NetSun 7:30am3.845 MHz LSBNet Manager K5PBJ-Scott QCWA Chapter 63 Sec/Treas Howard Wise WD5IDB
80 Meter
TSN Slow CWDaily 7:45 pm3719 KHz (CW) 
KSN Slow CWDaily 9:00 pm3721 KHz (CW) 
ATV Nightly NetDailyVideo 439.25 Mhz Ch. 60, voice 144.340 MHz 
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